RL Goldman Co Inc

Services :: Crack Sealing

  • Prevent small cracks from becoming larger problems
  • Prevent water from seeping under the pavement which causes frost heaves and damage to the subsurface
  • Cost-effective way of extending the life of your asphalt

R.L. Goldman Co. uses the latest Crack Sealing emulsion containing poly-fiber RL Paving - Crack Sealing reinforced rubberized asphalt. Our experienced crews will clean and dry out the areas to be repaired using high pressure air wands and heat lances.We then apply the sealant, heated to over 300 degrees, using a pressurized sealant applicator wand.

Once completed, this sealing process gives your asphalt a protective barrier to slow or completely halt any further cracks from ruining your asphalt.

30 Lyman Street
Westboro, MA 01581
P. 508.898.9293