RL Goldman Co Inc

Services :: Asphalt Reconstruction

  • Replace existing asphalt
  • Uncover hidden problems to ensure a longer pavement life

If you need to replace existing asphalt, R.L. Goldman Co. is the one company to call. Beginning with our detailed analysis of your site, we will thoroughly examine the current situation before proceeding with the reconstruction. We’ll look to discover what caused the asphalt to deteriorate. In many cases, we’ll uncover the hidden problems that caused the surface to fail and propose remedies that will ensure longer life for your new pavement.

Once the new design is developed, R.L. Goldman Co.will follow a well defined procedure to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We begin with Pulverization, a process whereby the existing asphalt is ground up to a fine consistency. This pulverized asphalt is recycled with existing gravel to form the new gravel base.

Using laser transits, your site is marked and staked to properly grade the surface for correct drainage.The gravel base is then compacted using vibratory rollers. this newly graded and compacted base is then ready to be paved.The finished parking lot or roadway will give a fresh new look to your business or community.

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